Company philosophy

Meeting customer needs, and providing reliable and top quality products - these are our watchwords

The ELO Mission

"He who believes he is something has ceased to become anything." (Socrates). We know that success means progress and that development is synonymous with motion. At ELO, we feel that we have already accomplished a great deal. We're proud of our track record, but we have no intention of resting on our laurels. We want to help our customers to move forward, and toward this end set everything in motion. But we do not regard ourselves as a merchant merely hawking its wares, but instead focus on the essential, namely the development of solutions for our customers, for they are the real reason for everything we do. Our will to succeed is fuelled by the desire to provide our customers with results they can count on to bring them success in all of their endeavours. At ELO, we work behind the scenes so that our customers can excel at center stage.



In our own small way, we are masters of eloquence. As the poet is to her language, so is the ELO developer to her programming. To speak articulately, you need to stick to the point so that you can interact meaningfully with your interlocutors, but also and above all so that you can articulate the essential clearly and simply. This is what ELO developers strive to do. We want our customers to be able to use and understand ELO solutions easily. We devote our hearts and minds to this task, for coherent programming must be as adaptable and versatile as life itself. Language changes constantly, and in this spirit we develop solutions with and for people. To this we are unwaveringly committed.

The ELO "nest"

ELO now and forever. We are as committed to the well being and success of our personnel as we are to that of our customers, for the success of our personnel and customers is the key to our own success. ELO's corporate culture is marked by mutual trust and respect. This is borne out by the very real fact, of which we are justifiably proud, that our turnover rate is virtually zero percent. One of our top priorities is promoting and actively supporting the personal and professional development of each and every one of our staff members. This can even mean, in certain cases, that a staff member may go to work for another company for a time, but ultimately such individuals always return to the ELO "nest." For us, it goes without saying that the professional development of our team members must be harmonized with their family lives and career goals. We are always looking for new blood. For we feel - and long experience has shown - that a strong and motivated team will produce robust and exciting solutions.

ELO unbound

The broader the horizon, the more farsighted your solutions can be. Our solutions are developed with the needs of tomorrow fully in mind. A future oriented technology that supports extendible architecture is the cornerstone of our farsighted approach to development. The robustness of our software architecture is as versatile as water itself and thus is compatible with all business processes and can be adapted to all customer structures. The robustness is a constant, but the multiplicity of patterns and functions is limitless. Versatility also means making it easy for our customers to optimize their ELO solutions during the post-implementation phase, without any outside assistance. This in turn marries business processes to the solution in a manner that creates a robust and readily customizable architecture. For in the final analysis, the solution must help the enterprise to grow and optimize its processes and products.